Carbon Tube wheels.

For the 2008 model a lot of improvements were made.
The rear hub got a bigger bearing also two extra seals for longer durability.
Weight 1038 grams plus/minus 2%
The rims in these wheels are only 258 grams but very strong mainly because we use unidirectional prepreg fibers instead of the woven prepreg fibers commonly used by carbon rim builders.

We succeeded in making a 2 mm edge radius to the 21mm width tubular rims. This sounds easy but doing this in carbon takes us to the cutting edge of moulds and moulding processes.
This radius at the rims edge prevents flats and “snake bites”.
All our rims are clear coated as this gives not only a cool look, but prevents wheel logos from falling off when riding in rainy conditions or during pressure cleaning in cyclo-cross races.
The rims have machined sidewalls for easier braking. We usel Aluminum Hex nipples hidden in the rims. The main reason for this is so we can use smaller spoke holes, which do not weaken the rims so much.
Maximum stiffness and strength is maintained.

Front hubs weight 81 grams rear hub 209 grams.
Aluminum 9/10s Shimano or Campy rotor.
Sealed industrial bearings.

Wheels are standard with cx ray spokes.
Weight sinus wheelset:

1038 grams 20/24 spokes p/m 2% (weight limit 82kg)
1058 grams 24/24 spokes p/m 2% (weight limit 82kg)
1078 grams 24/28 spokes p/m 2% (weight limit 92kg)
For heavier riders we can make extra strong rims combined with 24/28 spokes.
All versions are priced the same!

All our rims have a 6mm ventilation hole co-cured in the rim while most other rim builders drill their 6mm hole after it is baked. The disadvantage of this is, they drill away the complete reinforced carbon area at the top of the rim.
Our rims are made in a way that allows the special carbon fibers to be moulded around the 7mm ventilation hole so it forms a complete ring instead of an interrupted one.